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Most common mistakes new members often make in NeoBux

Every work place has some rules to follow and there are consequences that you need to face if you don’t adhere to them. Neobux is a rewarding website but newbies end up making some blunders, the results of which are not so sweet. However, if you are looking forward to being associated with Neobux for a longer period and earn good money through your services offered then there are some mistakes which you should avoid on Neobux:

  • Don’t create multiple accounts. It is unacceptable in Neobux. They will soon find out and will suspend your account permanently.
  • The forum of Neobux is a place where you can get a lot of advice. The older members offer answers to questions which you can utilize and plan your way to earning more on Neobux.
  • Never promote other things in the forum. Neobux will have your account suspended.
  • Although there are many advantages of becoming a Golden member but taking the offer too soon is not advisable. For instance, if you have 20 referrals and you have taken the Golden membership offer then you will be at a loss. This is because the Golden members have restricted time boundaries in which they can purchase the Rented Referrals.
  • Recycling your Rented Referrals excessively is something to refrain from. Recycling loses money and if you do want to recycle do it slowly. Say, recycle 10 referrals each day if you have 200 referrals.
  • AdPrize may look as an opportunity to win extras however, initially they are not rewarding. They may be a waste of time in the beginning.
  • Remember to click on ads on the Server Time and not your Local Time. The clicks counted on Neobux are in the US time. The clicks are counted between 00:00:00 to 23:59:59, which by default is USA time zone.
  • Most tend to quit soon, remember this phrase – Slow and steady, wins the race! Neobux pays very less but it is steady. It never cheats its users and always pays whenever you want. You have the opportunity to earn from home at your own set time. This is an opportunity and by quitting too early you are losing a chance to make money. There are thousands who are doing extremely well and making a lot of money through Neobux just by clicking ads and doing some mini jobs.

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How to register free with Neobux ? :

Click Here to Register Free with Neobux

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