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Neobux English
neobux ptc reviews and online typing jobs in sri lanka

Earn Money Online Free with Neobux  - One of the Best Paid to Click PTC sites as work from job in Sri Lanka

Neobux is a free PTC (paid-to-click) ad view site that pays you for watching ads online at home in Sri Lanka or anywhere in the world. Learn about  free online neobux reviews, guides and tutorials in Sinhala and English. For beginners, the best place to start is Neobux PTC !

#1 Neobux - Free Ad View Site That Pays You !

Neobux is a PTC Ad network site that pays you for viewing advertisements Since 2008.

Use the link below for Free registration.

Who is this meant for?

Neobux is suitable for anyone with patience and ability to spend at least 10 - 15 minutes daily with Neobux System. It is available in English and several other languages too.

NeoBux PTC – Earn Money Online With Clicking Ads Online at home in Sri Lanka - Summary

Nowadays nobody wants to just sit at home and earn nothing. For those who want to work and make money by themselves, working online is one of the best options. And NeoBux is a place where you can start doing it. NeoBux is a free pay-to-click website where you get paid for viewing ads on the internet. What you need to get success with NeoBux is referrals, and to get referrals you need a good strategy and patience. The good part about this is that you can purchase people ( to view ads, mini jobs, surveys, etc.) to work for you at NeoBux rented member system as rented referrals. You can do it using the initial earnings that you make with NeoBux ( recomended method for any one ) or by making a small investment by yourself ( this is good for those who want to achieve results faster ). You can also win gifts using AdPrize in Neobux.

Neobux Rented Referrals Strategy Sri Lanka

The most convenient way to get referrals is to rent another member straight off from NeoBux ( What is Rented Referrals in Neobux ?). When the member you have rented click on ads, you get the money for every click. However, if your rented referral is inactive and does not click on ads, you won’t be getting any money. In that case, you can opt to replace the old referral with a new one.

How To Earn Money Online With Neobux In Sri Lanka ?

  • To earn money through NeoBux in Sri Lanka through Firstly, you would have to register with NeoBux’s official website and it is free of charge. Then choose a time from within the 24-hour period, when you will log in every day to see every available ad. If you don’t view the ads clicked by your referrals, you won’t get paid. Pick a time in the 24-hour period in which you log on every day to NeoBux and view every ad available or you won’t get paid for clicks by your referrals. For that click on ‘View Advertisements’ on the right top corner. A standard member can view 4 ads at maximum per day.
  • It is better to not rent any referrals directly until you have earned enough
    (at least 3 dollars), if you are not in a position to invest any money. Then transfer your earned dollars from ‘Main Balance’ to ‘ Rental Balance’ and then you can have referrals, keep them, and you won’t have any problem with recycling and replacing them either. Without enough balance, you might lose your referrals.
  • After purchasing referrals, you can enable ‘AutoPay. With ‘AutoPay’ enabled, the referrals will pay for themselves. The cost of keeping referrals for one month is 25 cents. What happens is that one of the ads viewed by your referral on a day is subtracted from your referral ads and is puts away as 25 cents for referral for another month.
  • If any of your referrals have not clicked on ads yesterday or today and has average clicks less than 1.0, recycle it. Based on the average clicks of your referral, you would have to wait a few days before you recycle it like for 2.0- 4.0 average click, wait for 4 days before recycling.
  • When less than 20 days left for a referral, Autoplay stop working. So make the payment for the next 30 days by clicking on ‘Next Payment’ or extend them for 240 ( extending helps to get 30% discount. so If you have money to invest, it is worth extending neobux rented referrals for 8 months ).
  • Continue this until you reach the mark of 300 ~ 500 referrals or more than that. ( Also don't forget to upgrade to Golden Membership When you have around $90 as it almost doubles the earnings from rented referrals ). Then it’s up to you if you want to buy more referrals as you will also need money to keep the already existing referrals with you. Concentrate on what you already have and your earnings will start to rise faster.

If you want to learn about Neobux and Best Earning Strategy in Sinhala to earn money online free in Sri Lanka, you can refer to our complete Neobux Tutorial in Sinhala article. By the way you can refer the Neobux Paid to Click Ads English complete guide ( English version of the Neobux and Strategy ). Also you can refer blog section to learn further about Neobux.

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Neobux : All of us are eager to earn money online from home and one of the best ways is through Paid to Click websites. Neobux in Sri Lanka will help you achieve your dream to earn easy cash from your home. Neobux is one of the best and most trusted free ad-click PTC websites in Sri Lanka.

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