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” You haven’t viewed any advertisements today ” error in Neobux PTC Website

You may have got above message on ” View Advertisement ” even after clicking all ads. It is because you have not clicked the ads based on server time. As far as I understood, it seems to be an issue that happens when you do not click ads around the same time of the day.

So what is the solution for ” You haven’t viewed any advertisements today ” in Neobux ?

I too came across this same problem and you won’t get any credits for ad clicks.  🙁   So below what solved my problem.

When you go to “View Advertisement” page, make sure the “current server time” on top right shows current date and then make sure you get same above message ” You haven’t viewed any advertisements today”.

If both above things tally, then it is the time to click ads ! It will work and once you finished clicking all orange ads, the banner will disappear. So always view the advertisements around the time that worked for you ! ( eg : If you have clicked ads around 11.15 am then make sure to click advertisements around 11.00 am ~ 11.45 am that time every day )

If both still does not tally, logout and try in couple of hours. Do it until you find the exact time where both above facts tally. Then clcik ads around that time ! 😀

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