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What is FutureNet ?

FutureNet is a modern social media network with loads of revenue making opportunities. The following English article by explains more about this social network.

Futurenet is a social media that is in many ways similar to Facebook. The main difference is that you get paid, and the network also opens up some strong revenue making opportunities that you can take advantage of. FutureNet is based in Poland and keeps expanding as new businesses are being created within the group. Use the link below to register to this network in less than a minute, but if you want to read more about it first, please read the whole article.  😀

or use sponsor as "rapidstory"


FutureNet is suitable for anyone with a good network of friends. It is also perfect for marketers.


1. You should be able to spend some time creating a network of friends or marketers.

2. You need a Neteller or Payza account to send or receive money. ( If you have a Skrill account, then you can transfer the funds to a Neteller account in order to join )

3. You are required to pay a minimum of $10 for a basic membership and $185 for a business level membership ( Social Media Network is free but for other higher earning methods this is required ).

4. A passport or driving license. ( A NIC can be used too, if it is in English )

5. A little patience to read this article to the end ! 😀

How can I earn from FutureNet ?

There are several methods of earning from FutureNet. Here are these techniques in detail.

FREE Methods

Social Media Bonus in Futurenet

You can earn revenue by logging in daily to the social media platform, sharing stuff and chatting.
A mathematical formula is used to determine payments for the above methods. Among them, the best option for earning more revenue is chatting. While you can make some money through social media bonus, this method gives lesser earnings that the methods we will discuss next.


FutureNet has $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, and $1000 memberships as per the image below. This is a one-time payment fee for each level, so there is no need to pay monthly or yearly.


When starting out, the best thing is to get a $10 membership. When you are familiar with the system, you can then move a step up to a $100 membership. Moving to a higher membership enables you to generate more income than on a lower membership. When you invite friends, and they purchase a membership, you can only get a bonus from those who have a membership level that is upto your current membership level.

Friends Bonus in Futurenet

You will get a 5% bonus for each person you refer to the social media network who registers and purchases at least a $10 membership level. Your referral tree will then build up as shown in the image below with the more friends you add. The tree is based on a 3 x 10 matrix, meaning that the more friends you get the more chance to fill all ten levels in the matrix while getting 5% each time a friend you referred signs up and purchases a membership.


Though it may sound like a small percentage, if all your friends upgrade a membership to at least $100, you can reach up to $819,000 revenue easily. See the image below to get a better idea.


Matching Bonus in Futurenet

This is one of the main methods of making revenue in this system. You will receive 10% to to 50% commission each time your friend upgrade to a higher membership ( higher the membership higher the commission for you ! ). Your main task should be to get your friends to move up to the Exclusive Level at least ( Make sure that you are already upgraded to this level as you will not get commissions incase if your friends upgrade to a higher level above your current membership level ).


Sales Bonus in Futurenet

If your friends buy items for sale in FutureNet, you will receive a commission. This is just the same way you get commission for selling a product or service for a company.

Advertising Sales Bonus in Futurenet

FutureNet has an advertising system just like Facebook. If your friend buys an advertisement package, you will get 20% of the value of the package every time.

Leader Bonus in Futurenet

If you are good at marketing and get in more referrals to the system, you will get a bonus for this.

Career Plan in Futurenet Network ( Prizes )

If you are successful as a recruiter, you will get attractive cash prizes as shown in the image below.


You can even get a Porsche Panamera Super Luxury Car, if you make a great impact with a strong marketing plan.

Let's Start !

How to Register ?

Registration is completely free. Once you have registered, you can post freely, share, or chat with friends.

You can register via my referral link below or use sponsor as "rapidstory"

Once you have signed up, proceed to create a profile the same way you would do on Facebook.


How do I Upgrade My Membership ? 

Click on the "$" sign at the top right side of your page. A drop down list will appear, and from it choose "Back Office".


Choose "Friends Tree BackOffice"  ( One I have marked in Red )


A membership screen will appear. Select “Upgrade”, which is located just below the $10 membership icon.


Select "Neteller" or "Payza" from the next screen and make the payment for the membership you have chosen. You can upgrade to other levels too in the same manner.



Now you can invite your friends too using your "Ref Link "  ( Click  "$" sign from right top. Choose "Your reflink". Then you can copy paste it. ).  Your goal is to get more & more friends who are able to upgrade the membership at least to $10 and also ask them to follow the same process to get more friends to the network ! So everyone will be able to achieve the dream goal.  😎 

If you have any question, please feel free to comment below.

Good Luck Guys !


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