Over Recycling Rented Referrals in Neobux

There are two ways to recycle the rented referrals – manual and auto but since most of us don’t want to suffer the consequences of low average we end up using the manual recycle. This leads to Over Recycling. Inactive referrals lead to low average so you should recycle them only and not all of […]

How long should I wait for an inactive referral before recycling in Neobux ?

It is not wise to recycle your Rented Referrals quickly. Judge the behavior of the referrals and then react. They may not have worked for a couple of days but they may begin to work from the third day. Give the referrals some time and then get them recycled. Recycling is chargeable and everytime you […]

Neobux Ultimate Membership and What do we need to do before upgrading on Ultimate?

Undoubtedly the Ultimate level has a lot of benefits than Standard, Golden Membership, Emerald, Sappire, Platinum and Diamond upgraded Memberships. Some of the key benefits of Ultimate Membership are that you do not have to click ads daily as you get Unlimited Vacation Mode , you get more discounts with rented referral recycle and 7 […]

Standard Membership vs Golden Membership in Neobux

When an individual joins Neobux then he/she is automatically falls into the Standard membership. There are no charges for being in the Standard level but Golden Membership needs you to pay $90 annually. A Standard Member gets 4 Orange ads per day but a Golden Member gets 9 in a day. The payment for a […]

What are Neopoints and What can I do with Neopoints in Neobux ?

Every ad click earns you one Neopoint in Neobux. These Neopoints can be used to renew and recycle the Rented Referrals. The Neopoints cannot be cashed out and can be used to extend or recycle the Rented Referrals. The value of one Neopoint is $0.00075. Those who have managed to save a lot of Neopoints […]

What is Adprize in Neobux ?

Adprize is like a small lucky lottery ticket for the Neobux users. For every ad that you click you get 3 Adprize Tickets. An Adprize lets you watch an ad and then win a small gift ( not always ! ). Some of the gifts that you can get are: • Cash – $0.25, $0.50, […]

Most common mistakes new members often make in NeoBux

Every work place has some rules to follow and there are consequences that you need to face if you don’t adhere to them. Neobux is a rewarding website but newbies end up making some blunders, the results of which are not so sweet. However, if you are looking forward to being associated with Neobux for […]

Can Someone click my ads in Neobux for me ?

If there is a single computer/ laptop at home and another family member wishes to create an account with Neobux then it is significant that you purchase a different system. Neobux considers – One Account and One Computer ( One Internet Connection as well ). So, if there are two people who are clicking ads […]

What is a Referral in Neobux ?

One of the easiest ways to earn money on Neobux is through referrals. There are two types of referrals on Neobux – Direct Referrals and Rented Referrals. Although both have their own advantages Rented Referrals are easier to get and also a stable way to earn good money in the long run. Neobux Rented Referrals […]

How exactly do I get paid in Neobux?

Neobux is a trusted website and the reason to why it is successful is because it values its users and rewards them for their services rendered. The payment can be cashed out anytime once the minimum balance is met. You can cash out the balance from Neobux to the payment processor in which you have […]